Snowdrops at Hodsock Priory, February 2014
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The magnificent Three Shire Head
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I no longer do weddings or basketball but I’m happy to teach you how to take photographs. You can join me on a walk in the lovely hills around Derbyshire and we can talk photographs while we walk. Views, walk and photographs, all for free. The walk will typically comprise of instruction as we walk covering equipment, composition and techniques like HDR. This is an ideal opportunity for someone who is new to photography, or just wants to improve their photographs, to get some experience in stunning countryside.
We live in a much more connected time where computer systems need to be acting together. Working with your system I can help you through the mire of messaging and intricacies of integration. - Legacy or leading edge, I don’t mind.  - Exciting or exacting, I can help. - Mundane or mind-blowing, I am there. Previous integrations include mobile working, post code validations, bank account validators, document management systems, digital dictation systems, bulk case loaders and verifiers, case management system, CRM, and accounting systems. Chat with someone who can show you the beauty of the ESB and possibilities of the SOA.
The design of business processes and how they interact with computer systems can be the difference between success and failure. Use my expertise to help you design first rate business processes built upon technology. As an experienced designer of workflow solutions, I can also make sure that computer systems are being exploited for your best advantage.
Experience in IOS development has been gained in a number of projects over the last few years. These apps for iPhone and the iPad typically integrate with other systems. Keeping you in touch with your staff and customers is a role that mobility services can help you with. Of course, don’t be under the misaprehension that mobile systems are all about changing working practices. They are are also a perfect opportunity for you to impress your business providers with your foresight and innovation. It is an excellent marketing vehicle.
Knowing what to say is a good starting point for any presentation and I can help here by helping you construct your story. In many cases, the “what to say” is enough to get you started. For those who need more help with the mechanics of presenting, I can help here too. With experience in PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi I can help you get your computer presentation into shape. of course, we can do the same with other tools such as flipcharts and whiteboards. It is you presentation.  Elements that are always worth revisiting: - Who are you talking to? - What is it you want to say? - Where will you be talking? - What tool(s) should you use? - How should you deliver your presentation?
The skills required for a successful career in IT are increasingly about much more than just technical skills. With that in mind, I have a number of lessons plans aimed at students considering a career in IT. These interactive lessons provide the opportunity for students to identify some of these other skills and show how they may improve their own skills. I am happy to deliver these lessons free of charge to local schools, colleges and universities (within 20 miles of Sheffield). I will travel further but I may wish to charge travel expenses.
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