Knowing what to say is a good starting point for any presentation and I can help here by helping you construct your story. In many cases, the “what to say” is enough to get you started.

For those who need more help with the mechanics of presenting, I can help here too. With experience in several presentation tools, I can help you get your computer presentation into shape. Of course, we can do the same with other tools such as flipcharts and whiteboards. It is your presentation.

Elements that are always worth revisiting:
- Who are you talking to?
- What is it you want to say?
- Where will you be talking?
- What tool(s) should you use?
- How should you deliver your presentation?

Oh, and remember, it is always about your audience, even if you are the topic.


The story and what you want to say is the start of all things presentations. How should your audience feel?


There are many tool out there, but do you need a tool at all. Will you telling the story be enough?


How do you tell the story, working with the tools?